Keepgard MASTERS

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Keepgard MASTERS

  • GHT HI-CLEAR is a crystal clear PPF using GHT’s superior topcoat technology, the most advanced on the market, to provide an extra durable finish with outstanding environmental resistance and antifouling feature.
  • You can enjoy an enhanced workability with excellent elongation, easy repositioning & removal on the installation.


KEEPGARD MASTERS is the top version of GHT's superior coating technology. It has further strengthened the most important durability of PPF as well as the easy workability that GHT KEEPGARD series is proud of. If you want to keep your vehicle like new for a long time, choose KEEPGARD MASTERS, the top version of KEEPGARD.

Porsche Taycan

12 Year Warranty

MASTERS is backed by our 12-year warranty for anti-yellowing, bubbling, and cracking.
This is excellent for your car that you are likely to use long term.


  • Fast Recovery Self-Healing
  • Anti-Fouling
  • Anti-Yellowing
  • High Glossy
  • Highest Transparency
  • Hydrophobic
  • Good Installation
  • Anti-Solvent
  • Excellent Adhesion Finish


  • 60" x 50'
  • 60" x 66'
  • 24" x 100'
  • 48" x 100'