About Us

We, GHT, bring you genuine hope through technology

About Us


We, GHT, bring you genuine hope through technology.

We, based in Korea, are a manufacturer that specializes in the production of premium paint protection film only.
We’d worked in plastic top coating for more than 15 years and had conducted research and development for 5 years to launch the first PPF, equivalent quality to the world top brands, under our own brand.

We guarantee our PPF has reached parity in world-class with the properties of non-yellowing, excellent anti-fouling, enhanced workability with excellent elongation and good adhesion.

We would build a global brand that allows us to enjoy an international market as well as Korean domestic market by ensuring the excellent quality through the trinity of R&D, commercialization, manufacturing and the total customer satisfaction from installers to end users.
We are committed to our clients by bringing innovative solutions that lead to profitable growth and shared success.

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